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Preuve de Concept

The foundation of [IS]² supply is to help you studying the feasibility of your ideas. What is frequently denominated "Proof of Concept".

The ultimate goal is to verify the feasibility, both scientific and technical, before committing to long and expensive processes of development and industrialization. It is therefore a matter of validating the principles underlying the project (validity of assumptions, implementability of the proposed processing, ...) but also of sizing of the technical systems (acquisition, processing, storage and data display ) necessary for the implementation of this idea. This proof of concept goes through different stages for which [IS] ² offers you a partnership sized to your needs:

  • Putting in Equation
    Obviously the first phase of a scientific or technical. This is the setting of the problem
  • Numerical Simulations
    Before investing in an experimental process, numerical simulations can often set the limits of the feasibility of a project and also shed light on the ways forward to complete the study
  • Prototyping
    This is where the project takes shape, the ideas come to life
  • Lab or In-situ Tetsts
    Whether preliminary or validation tests, they are essential to the project completion

Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized study of your project. To do this, you can contact our sales department or use the Application Form.


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