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[IS]² Offering

[IS]² Offering

Although recently created, [IS]² company leans on expertise in the field of scientific instrumentation of its founder, Jean-Yves Lojou, to ensure the best answer to your needs.

So that this answer is as relevant as possible, [IS]² offers you a customer-oriented solution similar to a chest of drawers, where you will be able to find the precise items needed to build your project, whatever its degree of maturity and/or advancement; the ultimate goal being the Proof of Concept.

From the early stages of your projects in Research and Development, [IS]² brings its expertise in fields as diverse as atmospheric physics, electromagnetic or optical radiatiation and propagation to put your projects in an equation. Once the problem well formulated, [IS]² offers its capabilities in simulation, whether by using traditional off-the-shelf tools , when available and well suited to the problem, or whether th[IS]² Proof of Concepte development of specific tools (finite element method, Laplace equations solution, various numerical calculation modules, statistical methods, graphical tools for visualizing multidimensional variables, ...). These tools are programmed in ​​most modern languages  such as C++ or Java but with a slight preference for Lazarus Pascal that allows developing, regardless of the platform, while offering exceptional graphics performance and thereby leaving the developer to focus mainly on the scientific content of the program. This allows extreme efficiency and flexibility, with the ability to geton the fly any intermediate result.

[IS]² also offers prototyping your project. This may be the creation of models of electronic assemblies, mechanical and/or software or even the in[IS]² Prototypingtegration of a complete operational prototype or small pilot production. To do this [IS]² relies on a network of partners and qualified subcontractors but also on "home made " solutions when they are better suited and can, once again, provide the best answer timely and relevant to your request.

But [IS]² offer does not stop there ... ! Whatever the nature of your project, [IS]² will take you beyond the mere provision of an expert's report or a prototype. Among other examples [IS]² can provide assistance during the industrialization phase of your project, whether in the actual developm[IS]² Scienceent or operational validation of your first equipment. On projects of a more scientific nature,  [IS]² will take pride in participating in your field campaigns and data analysis.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a personalized study of your project. To do this, you can contact our sales department or use the Application Form.


Everything is possible ... You only have to choose!

Jean-Yves Lojou

Jean-Yves Lojou, PhD.

25 years of experience in scientific instrumentation in an international industrial context

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